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24-06-2020 10:33
Hints And Tips:
I have successfully installed the eSIM and can make calls. But the eSIM can't find the network operators APN. since I know it I would like to add it manually. Is it possible ? Are there any apks to modify eSim parameters ? Thanks Jo
30-12-2020 11:52
For several months there is no registration of my daily, non app related, excersizes. The watch does not count the steps, calories, weekly reports etc.. But when using the activity app the registration works oke Already returned to factory settings etc. Do you know a fix?
15-11-2021 23:00
Hallo, kann es sein, dass der Schrittzähler nicht geht, wenn man läuft und die Hand ruhig hält? Bspw. Kinderwagen schieben. Danke vorab