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This is a new helper I have created for Windows/Linux/Mac users to be able to remove all the bloatwear from the watch and install the most used Google and Other apps needed to make our watch a bit more usable outside of China.



  • USB or Wifi connection to your watch
  • Remove all Xiaomi apps from your watch
  • Enable "Global" style UI
  • Install compatible apps on your watch


To use this app you need to download the latest release from the link at the bottom of this post -

Notes for using

  • Make sure PC and Watch are on same wifi (If using wifi, DO NOT connected your watch via USB)
  • Ensure not other "ADB" devices are connected to your pc
  • Get Watch IP address - Settings > Connectivity > Wifi > Click on your wifi connection
  • Enable Debug Over Wifi - Settings > Developer Options > Debug Over Wi-FI 
  • First time connecting to your watch, you will need to accept the connection, select "Always allow from this deive"

Windows Users

  • Extract and run miwatchkleaner2-win-x86.exe

Linux & Mac users

  • After extracting the archive please run the following via terminal in the extracted folder
  • chmod 0777 adb miwatchkleaner2-*
  • You shuld then have no issues running the cleaner

Please download the latest release from here

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30-01-2021 15:58
Karl Hudgell
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