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Install Apps From PC




  1. Install Minimal ADB & Fastboot on your computer (Direct Link)
  2. Connect your Mi Watch to your charger, connect your charger to your computer
  3. On your computer, open start menu, type: adb and click on the Minimal ADB & Fastboot application). This opens a console window
  4. In the console window type 
    adb devices
  5. On your watch it should show "Allow Debugging" where you should press OK
  6. In the console on your computer you should see a serial number like xxxxxx authorized. If you can't see that or your watch didn't ask to allow anything, you have a problem and you need to fix it first. Try installing the ADB drivers for your system (windows). Check if you enabled ADB on your watch.
  7. On your computer, download any Google Wear app you want from a third party website like apkmirror.com or our apps list here
  8. On your computer in the console type 
    adb install c:/path/to/yourapp.apk
  9. but make sure you change the path to where your apk file is. To do this fast on windows, just type adb install (including a space after install) and then drag and drop the APK file from explorer, into your console.
  10. press enter and the apk should be pushed and installed onto your Mi Watch
  11. if it worked, you should see your app after a few minutes in the Mi Watch app drawer. Check this by pressing the dial button.



  • The app will not work if it's made for a smartphone instead of Google Wear
  • The app will not work if it needs Google Play Services (most apps for international Wear OS will require this, but the Mi Watch has only the chinese Wear OS, which doesn't have Google Play Services)
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